Faith Dating

Why The King and I Faith Dating?

Faith Dating is an addition to my marriage project as instructed by the Holy Spirit on the 17th of May, 2018.

Faith Dating is a platform and an environment where God in his mercy will connect his people to their right spouse according to their faith for the just shall live by his/ her faith ref: Habakkuk 2vs4b.

God has seen the affliction and the loneliness of his people regarding marriage, many have given up and many are discouraged.The Lord has provided Faith Dating to rescue and to deliver his people from every affliction that loneliness can cause, for it is better to marry than to burn, all the glory be to God in the highest amen.

If you are believing God for a godly wife or a godly husband, this platform is for you. God is thinking about you, I believe that this is the time you have been waiting for so, hurry and register now.

The goals of the King and I Faith Dating:

1) To provide an environment and a platform where God will connect His people to the right spouse.
2) To bring many to Salvation.
3) To rescue many from unnecessary delay.
4) To give hope to the hopeless.


Faith Dating Registration Form

Terms and Conditions:
1) You must be born-again.
2) Provide 2character references
3) Provide personal details with photograph.
4) £120.00 Registration Fee.

Bank details: 
The King and I Ministries
AC: 27910760


Phone: 0207 101 3538